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I can’t commit because there’s always a better book around

Most of my books are at a 2–4% finish rate.

I grab my Kobo to read, but instead I will explore the Kobo Books shop, download previews, and read those for a page or two. It is so hard to commit to a book when there are so many other books just two taps away.

It makes me sad because I know that books have had an impact on how I am as a parent, and I know books have changed how I look at the world (a little bit).

I’ve tried setting limits on the device, but they are too easy to revert.

There a are a few things I will do to solve the problem:

  1. Block WiFi connections on the router from my Kobo between 9 PM and 12 PM.
  2. Keep 2 or so books around on the Kobo.
  3. Move other books back to my Mac’s Calibre library so they are out of scope.

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