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I'm not writing for me

I blogged a few things over the past weeks. A few weekly bookmarks and one other thing I can't remember. I stopped caring about the weekly bookmarks because I wasn't doing it for me but to share my favorite links with others. With almost no response, it felt like I was just posting into a black hole.

People like Cory are posting links on their Mastodon profile to articles about writing for yourself, not for others. I'm trying to write for myself and make my thoughts make sense for myself but I can't find the right words to write.

I'm Dutch and I used to be able to write my words in English pretty well. My thoughts go in Dutch but I also think my thoughts are worth being seen by more people than "just" the Dutch public.

I'm also still recovering from burnout and my brains haven't caught up to my full potential yet.

These are a lot of words to just say: I'm trying.

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