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Hey! I'm Tom, and I was a UX designer for Soda Studio, Apple, Lightspeed, and Prss. I'm recovering from burnout and exploring what career I want to pursue. Could be tech writing, could be iOS development, could be anything outside of IT. Time will tell what makes me the happiest!

Most importantly I'm a dad and live with my autism. I love being a parent, scratching my own itches with Shortcuts and I listen to Fall Out Boy every single day. I'm stuck in 2005, music-wise.

That Night I Absolutely Killed It (The Mood)

It was 2006. I was 17, autistic, and my friends took me to a club.

People were dancing to some pretty nice songs, but that week "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers was my jam, babeh. I walked up to the DJ of the hour, I said, "man, could you play Mr. Brightside next?"

He said, "are you sure?" I said, "yeah I'm sure."

And so it went down. I heard the lead guitars and I was sure this was my time to make myself officially known as a Cool Guy.

Reception was ice cold. Dancing? Never heard of it. Even my friends looked confused. There was no other way but to endure this—really great—song with people who didn't want to hear it.

Reminders hack: Things 3-inspired tagging shortcuts (macOS)


During the iOS 16 betas, I switched my entire tasks system to Reminders. I had no work activities due to a burn-out, and Things 3 just seemed too overkill for what I needed at the time.

Things 3 has a great solution to add a tag: use the ctrl key with any other keyboard character, and your task will get the accompanying tag. For instance, ctrl-e will add Errands to what you've selected.

And then I noticed Reminders can do this too! But it takes more steps to set up. If you're familiar with setting keyboard shortcuts in System Settings, you'll know the drill.


  1. Go to your System Settings app, go to Keyboard, and go to Keyboard Shortcuts.
  2. Go to App Shortcuts and click to add a new shortcut.
  3. Select Reminders from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter Edit->Tags-> and type the tag name you want to use. For instance, Edit->Tags->Errands. 1
  5. Enter your desired keyboard shortcut. I chose ctrl-e.

To try it out, go to Reminders and select a task to tag. Smash that keyboard shortcut. Enjoy your leveled-up productivity!

  1. If you're using a different system language, you need to use the localised menu items here.↩︎

It's so damn hard to get started

Before 2007, I loved to write. And I loved blogging. But then I learned that I could convey the same message, with more interactions, on Twitter.

My creativity died with a 140-character text field and instead that constant shot of dopamine got a lot more fun than getting whatever what was really on my mind, written out, out there.

I spent years searching for the right weblogging tool as the optimal excuse to not write, and instead focus on unimportant things like configuring my blog's comments sections before I had even published a post.

I know I still have things to say, but it's so damn hard to get started. So here it is, I guess? Finally?

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