Importing Path posts to Day One

You can say I was a lover of Path since they first launched in 2010. I shared hundreds of posts with my family and close friends. And as it goes with services too many people love to hate, they die and disappear. And when they do, you can only hope they’ll make a nice export option for your posts.

In the months prior to Path’s sunset1 in 2018, they let you generate a backup just like that. You could click and scroll through static HTML pages. It was snappy but boring to use. I wanted these posts in an even better app — Day One.

The Siri Shortcuts app offers native Day One actions, which helped me make an import tool. Now all my posts are happily residing in Day One. Not in some file directory hidden away in my Documents folder.

How the Siri Shortcut works

After you’ve set everything up and you tap Run, it checks your Path directory in iCloud Drive/Shortcuts. It gets the first HTML file, scans for each individual post, and for each individual post it will run a Day One action to import it into the app. When there are no posts left on the page, it goes to the next HTML page, scans for posts there, repeat. Pretty simple actually.

You first have to set some things up, like where your backup is placed on your iCloud Drive, which HTML pages should be imported, and which notebook (I guess it’s called) it should use for your posts. You can also tag each post automatically. Like my wife and I have our own (Path Tom, etc.) tags, but use the same notebook for our Path posts which gives us one shared timeline.

What you’ll need

  • An export of your Path posts
  • Day One on an iPhone or iPad
  • Siri Shortcuts on an iPhone or iPad
  • The “Import Path to Day One” shortcut (download)

Setting up

  1. Create a copy of your Path export folder
  2. Rename that copy to Path
  3. Move the copy to iCloud Drive/Shortcuts (so Shortcuts can see the files)
  4. Edit the Shortcut and type

  1. “Sunsetting” is a sad term for services shutting down. Google knows a thing or two about it. ↩︎